This is a beautiful symbolic year for poet/author Floyd Boykin Jr.  It marks 20 years in poetry for this artist/writer.  In celebration of his 20th year, Floyd will be releasing his sixth collection of poetry called "Silhouette Shadows Underwater".  NOW AVAILABLE!

Also, Mr. Boykin is facilitating a workshop session called "Erasing the Mask."   It is his second year running this workshop. Please see the flyer for more detail.  

  • Create Me A Better Me (feat Inna Rae)4:07
  • Close To Me (The Love Joint) (feat Carmen Amara & Angelo Shaw)4:34
  • Don't Give Up (feat Selena J, Patricia Daniels, & Tendai Morris)3:35
  • Turn This Thang Around (feat Tasha B, Tracy Mitchell & FB3)3:49
  • 12 Strangled Dreams in Cahoots with American Nightmares feat Al Caldwell0:00

Floyd Boykin Jr.

What's New

This book is the follow up to the top selling book Create Me A Better Me.  It's called "Know Your B.L.I.S.S. (Building Love Internally Strengthening Self)."  It's a great new motivational books that encourages you to tap into your passion(s) and living in your purpose. 



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Floyd Boykin Jr. is the editor and founder of the award winning publication SpokenVizions Magazine.  It has won 5 times with the National Poetry Awards for the Poetry Magazine of the Year.  

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Visionboard Workshop

Vision Boards are beautiful tools to assist a person in becoming focused on their dreams.  You have to be very proactive in building life movements.  Contact me to facilitate a workshop to you and your organization. 

Author, Poet, Lupus Awareness Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Magazine Editor, Musician, Recording Artist
Know Your B.L.I.S.S.

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The third motivational book written by poet/author/musician, lupus awareness advocate and youth group organizer

Floyd Boykin Jr.   This book is entitled "Erasing The Mask (Embracing You).  This is the follow up book to last year's "Know Your B.L.I.S.S. (Building Love Internally Strengthening Self).  It was highly motivated by his workshop with the same name.  Floyd is on a mission to help people love themselves more and to believe in themselves.  Also, coming soon is Floyd fifth studio project called "PHOENIX the EP". This is his first studio project since 2011's release of "W.A.R. on RedMoon7".

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SpokenVizions Youth Poetry Project is a poetry program created by Floyd Boykin Jr.  This project promotes the arts, self-expression, self-esteem, performance and team work.

Youth group facilitator


erasing the mask  


S.Y.P.P. (Spokenvizions youth poetry project)


Floyd is the author of four books: four poetry books and one motivational book.  He has been receiving amazing feed back on the powerful words and energy from his latest book "Create Me A Better Me".  Please feel free to visit our book page to get your copy of his ground breaking book.