Now available... the fourth collection of poetry by Floyd Boykin Jr. is entitled "Poetry is a Goddess Walking on Earth". Click below the book image to order your copy today.  Recently, Floyd won the 2014 Spoken Word BillBoard Award for "Lyrical Influence/Spoken Word Community/Song Artist of the Year."

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Author, Poet, Lupus Awareness Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Magazine Editor, Musician, Recording Artist

Floyd Boykin Jr.

Vision Boards are beautiful tools to assist a person in becoming focused on their dreams.  You have to be very proactive in building life movements.  Contact me to facilitate a workshop to you and your organization. 

Visionboard Workshop

  • Create Me A Better Me (feat Inna Rae)4:07

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Floyd is the author of four books: four poetry books and one motivational book.  He has been receiving amazing feed back on the powerful words and energy from his latest book "Create Me A Better Me".  Please feel free to visit our book page to get your copy of his ground breaking book. 

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Floyd Boykin Jr. is the editor and founder of the award winning publication SpokenVizions Magazine.  It has won 4 consecutive times with the National Poetry Awards for the Poetry Magazine of the Year.  

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Poetry is a Goddess

the new "12 power words to

enhance character 2o15 calendar!"

The "12 Power Words To Enhance Character 2015 Calendar" is based on Chapter 7 of "Create Me A Better Me.  Get your copy today.  Visit our book page to see what other deals are available.

12 Power Words Calendar