"Create Me A Better Me:

A Conversation About Self-Transformation"

Donna M. Beasley - "I wish it were a MUST READ for the 15-25 year old age group. The benefits from this book would be life changing.  There is no doubt in my mind."  (FaceBook)

Oneofgodsgr8st - "I am only on page 15 and I can literally FEEL my transformation and I am EXCITED about it!!!  You never know what you need until what you need comes and find you.  I can't wait to finish the book."  (Instagram)

Alice Blaylock - "An awesome book... that speaks to the spirit within.  It motivates the mind to think rationally about how positive and great we are as an individual.  It goes into detail about how we should be more proactive instead of reactive in our approach against our inner conflicts and because of its clarity, proven truths and the humble approach by the author, the book has truly made me want to create me a better me from the inside out."  (FaceBook)

Suhayla Sabir  (from the legendary hip hop group OAKTOWN's 357) "If you choose to practice behaviors from inferior thoughts that have created your present situation, but you crave change, without replacing your inferior thinking, you will repeat the cycle from unlearned lessons.  You must replace your current thinking to focus on clarity, accepting the same efforts you put into procrastination can be redirected to elevating your spirits.  Your thoughts are your power!  Inspired by 'Create Me A Better Me' by Floyd Boykin Jr."

Shareefah Payne - "This book served as a reminder that we have a choice, either to settle and live a life transfixed by the ways of the world, or we can take control, and transform our minds/self to align with the design that was intended from the beginning... Greatness!!!