This workshop is designed to help you start a vision board, or to put things into perspective so that you can have a focus on achieving certain goals in your life.

It is a program created to help individuals or groups to organize and put dreams in the forefront and to proactively move forward to accomplish goals, visions and dreams. 

A vision board is a collection of images, concepts, photos and even affirmations of things thatwill help give focus on things that will create a happier life for yourself. It is heavily connected to the concept of the Law Of Attraction, in terms of believing and attracting things into your reality, or your world. When things that are important to you are plastered in front of you on a daily basis, it has no choice but to stay in your front view vision. We can manifest our dreams by

proactively moving towards them through thoughts and actions. 
If you are interested in booking Floyd Boykin Jr. to facilitate one of his workshops, please contact him at for booking information. 

Floyd facilitates a couple of empowerment workshops and conducts speaking engagements.

Manifestation of Your Vision Workshop

Know Your B.L.I.S.S. Workshop (Building Love Internally Strengthening Self)

•  Begin Your Story Consultation